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PAPER Edition // Lemon 22 // Summer Edition

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Welcome to Lemon Magazine No. 22 – The Summer Edition

Welcome to Lemon Magazine issue number 22, dedicated to the Summer season. Join us as we showcase the newest fashion trends to start the season off in a stylish manner. In this edition, we encourage you to delve into:

  • The newest fashion trends: we have carefully selected the essential styles of the season, along with shopping recommendations and fashion articles to spark ideas for your summer wardrobe.
  • Dive into the essence of Imogen’s world, where every day is an adventure, and the world is a boundless horizon.
  • Explore some strategies and tips for maximizing the benefits of taking a break for our overall well-being.
  • Say hello to Cedric Thompson Jr., a 31-year-old super cool dad who’s rocking the internet with his family stories.
  • Discover a story of a new chapter of grace and strength unfolding in Houston Ballet. Four of its principal dancers navigate the delicate dance of motherhood while mastering the complex movements of ballet.
  • Meet Ema Werner Sec, a mother who embraces simplicity, nature, and a deep bond with the environment. Her journey reflects a path of healing, prioritizing radical self-care, and finding happiness in the spontaneity of life.
  • Introducing Max Alexander, a visionary kid whose work as a fashion designer transcends traditional boundaries by seamlessly blending passion with sustainability.
  • Get to know Janina Rossiter, a German marine artist residing in Paris, dedicated to using art as a means to protect the world. Through her creative work and advocacy, she strives to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding the seas.
  • Experience all this and beyond! Dive into Lemon Magazine issue number 22, the Summer Edition, your go-to resource for the season of rejuvenation. Allow us to inspire you with the latest in fashion and personal development as we embrace the sunnier days of summer
PAPER Edition // Lemon 22 // Summer Edition - My Lemon Magazine