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DIGITAL Edition // Lemon 21 // Spring Issue

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Welcome to Lemon Magazine No. 21 - The Spring Edition

  • Welcome to the Spring issue of Lemon Magazine nº21, where innovation, art, personal stories and the latest fashion trends come together to kick off the season in style. In this issue, we invite you to explore a variety of stories, each a testament to creativity and personal growth:

  • Discover the latest fashion trends: we've curated the season's must-have styles, shopping guides and fashion editorials to inspire your spring wardrobe. Discover the key pieces that will define your style this season.

  • Step inside Skoola, the urban music academy in Village Underground, and discover how it's changing the landscape of music education for Portugal's youth.

  • Delve into the aesthetic and emotional dimensions of tattoos with personal stories from those who wear their stories on their skin, exploring what drives people to turn their bodies into canvases.

  • Discover how Laura Styles is redefining modern parenting through the lens of hypnotherapy, offering a new way forward for 21st century families in search of harmony and understanding.

  • Enter the stylish world of Mirja Klein. A fashion influencer who combines simplicity with sophistication.

  • Bring your beauty routine up to date for the season: Our guide to spring's must-try trends will help you refresh your beauty routine.

  • Meet Toby Green, KIDZ BOP Kids' youth sensation, and follow his melodic journey from budding pianist to dynamic performer captivating audiences worldwide.

  • Immerse yourself in the transformative power of art and how it's being used as a therapeutic tool to improve children's psychological well-being. Learn from the experts about the benefits of integrating creative expression into parenting and education in order to support the emotional development of children.

  • Uncover the true essence of detox with insights from Marta Caras Lindas, whose personalised wellness plans guide people to a healthier, more balanced life.

  • Follow Maria Elena's journey from legal career to interior design. Discover how she brings creativity to her work, transforming spaces to reflect personality and comfort.

  • Enter the life of Anouk Yve, where fashion, family and authenticity come together. Learn how she balances a career in fashion with the adventures of motherhood and cultivating real relationships.

  • Enter the vibrant and artistic world of Meghan Bustard, where art and family life come together. Find out how her passion for creativity has influenced her approach to parenting, her home decor and her personal expression.

    All this and more! Immerse yourself in Lemon Magazine nº21 Spring Edition, your ultimate guide to the season of renewal. Let us be your source of inspiration for all things fashion, culture and personal growth as we step into the brighter days of spring.

DIGITAL Edition // Lemon 21 // Spring Issue - My Lemon Magazine